Teal Michel, ASID

Interior Design



Over the years, I have been impressed with your ability to listen, understand and interpret my design goals. Thank you for consistently exceeding my expectations.   Greg


What a wonderful experience it was working with you on my new home. Every time I walk into the rooms, I’m delighted again with the rich colors and textures of everything we picked out. I never realized how much easier it is to work with a professional.  Cheryl


I was constantly dazzled with your ability to re-think concepts for room layouts, surface treatments and furniture.  Nina


While we had a general idea of what we wanted, you were so helpful at organizing ideas in such a manner as to enhance the esthetic appearance of the areas. We especially appreciated the fact that you always presented us with options, so that we felt part of the plan.  Ken


You always managed to find a selection of materials or samples that were exactly what we were looking for and, in fact, usually better.   You had a knack for explaining concepts to us as well as our architect and contractor in such an easy knowledgeable way.  Joanna


During all our projects, you were professional and it was easy to work with you. Your choices of design, material and contractor were always excellent, and worked well with our budget.  Paul


We have moved over a dozen times within four countries. While we have had our share of interior decorators, Teal, you have unequivocally eased the burden of making a new home for us in both the South and now the Northeast. You worked hard to match our personalities with your selections and materials, while maintaining your dedicated sense of perfection. There is not a single item of furniture, nor stitch of fabric, the choice of which we regret.  Owen